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Are You Ready?

A version of the American Jobs Plan will be heading to the president’s desk sometime later this year with trillions of dollars going to improving and upgrading our infrastructure. The slicing of the plan will include federal and non-federal projects (state and local governments) for transportation, water, energy, building projects, communications (internet), and research and development.

Planning and positioning for a piece of the infrastructure pie will take vision, strategy, and focus to align your firm with talent and experience. While there are many unknowns still, the steps to prepare start now. The question to ask is, are you ready? Ready with a process to strategically pursue. Ready to attract and retain the right talent. Ready to deliver quality work.

GO can help you set your vision and strategy to get a piece of the pie for your firm. We’re here to help you be ready and WIN.

Ready to GO?

GO Strategies is all about looking at marketing, business development (BD), and human capital management with a creative bent. Asking “why not?” and “what if?” are big parts of our game. Just because you’ve “always done it that way,” doesn’t mean it will hold water tomorrow. And a changing world offers numerous opportunities, if you have the strategies to capture them.

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SMPS New York: How Can I Go Out On My Own


What would it be like to go out on your own? Many people in the industry have taken steps to start their own businesses. What are lessons learned from their experiences about what works and what doesn’t when venturing out? How can we take these lessons to ensure you have the best chance at success as an independent consultant and/or business owner?

This session will bring together a group of industry professionals including Tiffany Asberry, Principal at Johnson & Asberry; Tiffany Rafii, CEO of UpSpring PR; Frank Lippert, Founder/Principal at GO Strategies; and Ivy Slater, CEO of Slater Success.



SMPS Inland Empire: In-Person Again - Setting Expectations for Success


After 14 months of Zoom and Teams, the relationship building landscape has changed. What are the meeting protocols? What’s the meeting etiquette? Do we shake hands or fist bump or what? And, really, this is SMPS, can we hug? Is Zoom going away? If you have any doubts about any of these questions, come listen to our panelists figure it out from their own personal experiences.

Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM, will lead a panel discussion with three California business developers that are getting out there and meeting folks. Frank recently posted on LinkedIn about his own first in-person experience at the SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference in Nashville at the end of April. Check out the article here. It’s a brave new world. Come learn how people are pivoting, adjusting, and to getting back to something like normal again.



SMPS New Mexico: BD 101 - A Conversation and Tools for Business Development Basics


Do you find yourself asking where do I start with business development? How do I even begin to formulate a strategy to get out there and talk to clients and teaming partners? Is there a way to measure my success and hard work doing business development? What can I start doing tomorrow, in terms of business development, to make a positive impact on my firm immediately? These are questions that a lot of A/E/C marketing and technical professionals ask themselves frequently.

It can be really confusing and downright scary. It’s easy to avoid what we don’t understand. Join us for an online conversation about the beginnings of Business Development. Come ready to be a little vulnerable, ready to admit what you don’t know, and ready to get some ideas on starting down the right path for you and your personal business development journey. Sometimes, it’s just a matter for finding the right starting point.

Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM and SMPS New Mexico Chapter Champion has been there. He’s walked down this same path and he’s helped lots of marketers and seller-doers get started. He’ll give us a few ideas on how to start, then conduct a meaningful conversation with participants to get everyone armed with some ideas.