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Caring about happiness, we inspire people to grow.

What's on your list this season?

GO Strategies offers a wide variety of seller/doer training options customized for your teams' availability and needs.

From full-day workshops, to half-days, to lunch-and-learns or webinars; we have you covered. 

Tailored training, relevant to your company's markets and services makes all the difference. GO encourages participation for everyone in the room with real-world examples and in-the-trenches know-how.

Frustrated with your marketing and business development success? Getting to the shortlist, but not winning the interview? Confused about what the client really wants? 

Call or email, we can help. 

Ready to GO?

GO Strategies is all about looking at marketing, business development (BD), and human capital management with a creative bent. Asking “why not?” and “what if?” are big parts of our game. Just because you’ve “always done it that way,” doesn’t mean it will hold water tomorrow. And a changing world offers numerous opportunities, if you have the strategies to capture them.

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Serving the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.


01/14/20          Frank: Reshaping the CEO, Amplified 

                        SMPS Seattle lunch program with

                        Donna Corlew (C+Connect) sharing their                                research on Next-Gen-thinking CEOs and                              their decision-making model.                                                  smpsseattle.org

01/22-24/20     Frank: Reshaping the CEO, Amplified

                        SMPS Southern Regional Conference with                              Donna Corlew (C+Connect) sharing their                                research on Next-Gen-thinking CEOs and                              their decision-making model. 


02/05-07/20     Frank: Inside the Presidents' Studio and                                  "Owning It: Your Job, Career, or Life Path"

                        SMPS Pacific Regional Conference with                                  other panelists sharing their insights and                                perspectives on leadership, consulting,                                  volunteering, and life.