About Us

Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM

Frank is a founder/partner of GO Strategies, LLC, a marketing and business development company focused on all aspects of winning work. With more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction industry, Frank brings a wide variety of tested and proven ideas that work - tools needed - to build strategies that win. He has worked for small, medium, large, and mega-sized engineering companies in the western US. He's held titles from proposal specialist and marketing manager to strategic pursuit leader and business development manager. He has developed strategies to move into new markets in the private and public sector and has secured significant strategic wins with federal, regional, state, and local clients. He is a good listener. He understands what clients need and how to pull together the right team and strategy to win.

Kathryn Ness, CPSM

GO partner Kathryn brings an energy to the team that helps make everything about marketing and business development easier. With 20 years in the A/E/C industry, Kathryn has a perspective for how things work and how things can work better. She has held marketing and BD positions at small, medium, and large firms. Kathryn's professional, direct communication style cuts through endless meetings and discussions and keeps teams on-point. Her sense of humor is balanced with a sense of getting-the-job done. She is an excellent listener and provides creative solutions that work.

Kate Robinette, CPSM

As the analytical partner, Kate applies her 20 years of marketing experience toward research, analysis, and reproducible processes to deliver marketing efforts that win. Kate's career began in non-profit arts, where she advocated for public funding and coached others in public speaking and business development. In transitioning to the A/E/C industry, she combined her theater, lobbying, and writing background to help successfully market professional services, win work, and have more fun. She is the creative force behind Dynamic WorkplacesTM, turning the same marketing and BD skills inward to help build the kinds of places we all want to work.