The best strategic plans come from the best prepared companies. A good plan is realistic, achievable, measurable, and above all, actionable. GO gathers input from clients, leaders, and employees to provide a clear, objective look at your company in the current moment. Working with your leadership team, we compile relevant market forecasts to help frame discussions about the future. And we help your company examine your internal resources and needs. In the planning session, your leadership begins to memorialize where the company is and where it can go in the future. Out of the planning session comes the foundation of an actionable plan with a strong marketing and business development component and a clear communication plan to share the results with staff and clients. A final critical piece of the process is to design an accountability plan that helps your company implement the strategic plan and achieve your 3-5-year goals.


When dramatic circumstances affect the world around us or the world inside our company, it can be an unsettling experience. It can be difficult to know what to focus on to move forward, or how to move at all. GO can help your company plan and act in uncertain times with a truncated strategic planning process that focuses on the near term (12-24 months) and three scenarios: Good, No Change, and Bad. Through these lenses, your leadership can hypothesize likely trends in the world and your company's responses. From those discussions, priorities become clear and issues requiring immediate attention float to the surface. GO facilitates these sessions with humor and compassion, helping to provide clarity and direction when it is most needed.


As part of the Strategic Planning or Scenario Planning processes, GO conducts client perception, leadership, and/or employee surveys to help develop the framework of your company's current situation. These surveys provide valuable insights into how your company is perceived -- and as we all know, perception is reality. However, these surveys do not need to be relegated to planning. Whether part of a long- or short-term planning process or an annual assessment of your company's position and perception in the marketplace, GO can be the objective third party to conduct these surveys and analyze the results.


Curious if your perception of your standing in a specific market matches reality? Thinking of growing your market share? Client Journey Mapping is a mix of internal exploration and external client input to develop a sales cycle "map" of your company's relationship with clients in a specific market or geography. The process collects your company's perceptions about clients' needs, buying habits, goals, and obstacles and looks for holes or opportunities to meet and improve client interactions. If you want to get all of your seller-doers on the same page about clients; if you want clients to know you are listening and taking them seriously; if you want to challenge your current systems for winning work to see if they are truly effective touchpoints - a Client Journey Map will achieve all of that and more.


GO can help your company, the leadership, or internal teams find the higher purpose that provides guidance to success and fulfillment. This goes beyond motivational drivers and into the heart of building a connection with and meaning from the work and the people who share the journey. Our approach explores company culture, environment, and communication as tools for developing amazing Dynamic WorkplacesTM. Find out more on our Dynamic WorkplacesTM web page.