The top challenges confronting A/E/C companies are increasing profitability, managing growth, and succession planning/ownership transition. The top operational challenges: business development, project management, and human capital management. Competing demands for time and resources bog down all initiatives, leaving companies battling the symptoms of their discomfort, but not the causes. If you want to attract and retain skilled staff who fit your culture, lead with a higher purpose that resonates with your company and your goals, and get more enjoyment out of being at work, then you're ready to build a dynamic workplace.


Your employees are the brand ambassadors of your company. How they experience their work environment, the company culture, and their own growth affects how they interact with clients and each other. Human capital management initiatives dramatically affect morale, productivity, and leadership credibility. Whether dealing with recruitment/retention, engagement, or staff development, the right employee experience can be the difference between having and hunting for stellar staff. GO's approach advocates a common vision, genuine assessment and analysis, and incremental change to create a long-lasting, resilient employee experience and company success. 


You are the new CEO of your company, and while your predecessors are remembered fondly - maybe even revered - the motivations that drove them just don't drive you. How do you honor their legacy, while putting your vision forward?

You are a long-time employee of your company, valued and respected and leading your team to the best of your ability. Now you have merged with another firm, and you can see the team is struggling with the new chemistry. How can you meld the best parts of both companies and work well together?


You are a new employee, early in your exposure to your new company, but something feels off. You are not sure where you fit in, how your work matters, or what you are working toward. How do you make a difference when you are not even sure what your company stands for?

GO can help the company, the leadership, or internal teams find the higher purpose to guide them to success and fulfillment. This goes beyond motivational drivers and into the heart of building a connection with and meaning from the work  and the people who share the journey. Our approach explores company culture, environment, and communication as tools for developing amazing Dynamic WorkplacesTM.