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GO Strategies is known for strategic thinking and planning, pursuit management, training, and coaching, all related to winning more work. We facilitate strategic planning retreats – setting a course for the future with a series of check-ups to keep the plan on track. We help with proposal messaging, storyboarding, red team reviews, and interview preparation. GO performs BD and marketing audits – checking on your current systems and processes. We do one-on-one coaching for those seller/doers who need more than a plan to be successful winning work and maintaining great client relationships. We turn the same skills inward, helping with your company communications, employee engagement, retention, and culture. In general, if has to do with winning work, building your portfolio, and creating a strong company, GO is here to help.


GO facilitates strategic planning meetings that result in measurable action plans. But we don’t stop there, GO offers quarterly or half-yearly check-in meetings as a part of our strategic planning efforts to help you understand what you’re measuring, monitor where your plan is headed, and to help make adjustments as things change. A series of measurable metrics is developed to create a dashboard that easily helps marketers and firm leaders see where they are at and allows them to make edits and changes to plans to make them more effective. Too often, great action plans sit on a shelf. Between follow-up meetings and a dashboard of metrics, leaders and teams can be more accountable towards the end goal for a stronger, more sustainable workload.


Helping seller/doers stay on track with BD is a full-time job. Often marketing and BD managers are swamped with proposal deadlines, conferences, or all sorts of time-sucking chores. Spending that quality time with seller/doers, answering their questions, checking on their progress, helping them with research, usually gets a back burner to their other fires. GO works with leaders and marketing staff to develop one-on-one coaching for seller/doer that meets your needs and works with seller/doer strengths. Coaching can take a variety of formats from monthly check-in calls and emails, to sit-down one-on-one meetings. GO can facilitate client meetings, help with the right questions, even tag along as needed.

For sole-proprietors or single-shingle shops, GO coaching can help ease those peaks and valleys of in-coming workloads, by keeping the selling side of life in a routine, regular pattern. Easy monthly check-ins, following a plan and leading towards good, achievable goals for BD, can make a huge difference in steadiness of incoming work. GO adjusts to routines and meetings that fit your schedule and keep the end game front and center.


Marketing and BD teams are often overwhelmed with work. Clients seems to release all the RFPs at once and suddenly there is no time to get it all done. GO works as an extension of your marketing team:

  • Developing proposal outlines and coordinating subconsultant information

  • Reviewing proposals and developing proposal messaging

  • Coaching and strengthening interview teams

  • Conducting impartial debriefs


GO partners with several marketing consultants across the US and can arrange for complete proposal and interview coverage from proposal development through interview. When you’re well-positioned to win, but just short of marketing support, GO can help muster the resources you need to get the job done.


Or, if you are ready for your first marketing hire or looking to fill a key marketing/BD position, GO can help you craft your job description, prep your interview questions, and attract desirable candidates. Through their extended network, the GO partners can help bring talented and skilled individuals to the table and onto your team.