Pursuit Management


GO Strategies is all about looking at marketing and business development (BD) with a creative bent. Asking “why not?” and “what if?” are big parts of our game. When your BD process is generating good, qualified leads, GO is here to help with strategic pursuit management. In an increasingly commoditized A/E/C world where the competition is fierce, differentiators are hard to identify. Often, it comes down to how well you know the client (relationships) and how much you understand about the project details in advance of the RFP. A thoughtful, creative capture plan keeps your team on track in those valuable months leading up to an RFP release. Besides simply positioning your team with the client, it’s important to dig into key issues, effectively evaluate your expertise and experience, build the perfect team, and clearly understand any roadblocks ahead. 


RFPs are assembled much the same way that proposals are put together. Often, clients begin with the last RFP they wrote and cut and paste it to make it into the new RFP. Sometimes months of research on a project get boiled down to a few paragraphs that loosely describe what they need. At GO we say the clients asks for an apple in a RFP; the winning team knows whether it’s a crunchy, green Granny Smith, or a shiny, fresh Red Delicious, or a complex and innovative piece of technology. GO capture plans start early, three to six months ahead of an RFP, to help you understand exactly what kind of apple is required by your client’s RFP.


GO works with your team to develop detailed capture plans that ask the right questions and bring new ideas to your client conversations to help your seller/doers build trust and respect with your potential clients. The selling process for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals in often an educational process. The more clients learn and understand what you offer, early-on in the process; the more likely you will be successful. The early conversations inform everything from strategic teaming partners to creative ways to set your team apart from the pack. The process requires commitment and team work to stick to it and get the information needed to win. 


After a volume of information has been gathered, GO helps your team craft a winning message that’s communicated through a carefully mapped out plan of features, benefits, and proofs. Storyboards can really help explain to the client that your months of study on the pursuit, demonstrate that your team understands the project better than anyone else and offers the technical expertise and proven experience to do the job right. Winning storyboards showcase unique differentiators and serve to remind your clients of the advantages your team brings to the table.