GO Strategies is all about looking at marketing, business development (BD), and human capital management with a creative bent. Asking “why not?” and “what if?” are big parts of our game. Just because you’ve “always done it that way,” doesn’t mean it will hold water tomorrow. And a changing world means a wealth of opportunities await. We have to adapt, differentiate, and compete in a world that’s rigid, conforming, and risk adverse. From the rigidity of 12-point font, double spaced, black and white layouts to the technology-rich, colorful, and innovative, GO helps you met the challenges and beat the game. Risk is still important to what we do, but it can’t inhibit new innovations and technologies to save time and money. GO supports A/E/C firms every step of the way to winning work. From facilitating strategic planning and visioning, to identifying markets and clients, to winning signature pursuits, to building a sustainable company culture, GO Strategies works with you to develop your best asset - your staff - with training, processes, materials, and strategies. 

GO Strategies offers seller/doer training for every step of the BD process, packaged for the way your company and your team work best. Workshops are tailored for your changing clients and marketplace. The learning is structured to engage and inspire your talent. No sleepy lectures, no endless presentations, nothing put on the shelf and forgotten. Training is interactive and builds on what you know. Groups are small with seller/doers, marketers, and leaders actively participating, owning the results. Working from a basic five-step BD process, GO offers multiple programs relative to each step. These programs are customized to fit your team’s schedule. Training sessions include follow-up check-ins to assess participant implementation, helping them get over stumbling blocks, and growing their BD expertise. 

GO Strategies is about turning over every stone in a strategic and well-developed plan to move your team from "I think" to "I know". GO works with your team to develop detailed capture plans that ask the right questions and bring new ideas to your client conversations to help your seller/doers build trust and respect with your potential clients. The selling process for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals in often an educational process. The more clients learn and understand what you offer, early-on in the process; the more likely you will be successful. The early conversations inform everything from strategic teaming partners to creative ways to set your team apart. The process requires commitment and teamwork to stick to it and get the information needed to win.  

A dynamic workplace is resilient in the face of challenges, profitable, and nimble in the marketplace. It is a catalyst for creativity and growth. Building a dynamic workplace takes conscious, consistent effort and leadership, along with a thoughtful, intentional plan of action and reaction.


GO Strategies is known for strategic thinking and planning, pursuit management, training, and coaching, all related to winning more work. The Dynamic WorkplacesTM approach is all of that – turned inward – to create a winning work environment.

GO covers the entire gamut of BD and marketing, both external and internal. We facilitate strategic planning retreats – setting a course for the future with a series of check-ups to keep the plan on track. We help with proposal messaging, storyboarding, red team reviews, and interview preparation. GO performs BD and marketing audits – checking on your current systems and processes. We do one-on-one coaching for those seller/doers who need more than a plan to be successful winning work and maintaining great client relationships. We turn the same skills inward, helping with your company communications, employee engagement, retention, and culture. In general, if has to do with winning work, building your portfolio, and creating a stronger company, GO is here to help.