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GO Strategies offers seller/doer training for every step of the BD process. These trainings are packaged for the way your company works best, tailored for your changing clients, and designed to engage your unique team and inspire your talent.

Working from the basic five step BD process, GO offers multiple programs relative to each step. These programs vary in length and can be customized to fit your team’s working schedule. Sessions are part lecture, but mostly workshop style events where staff is engaged and active in determining outcomes. The sessions described in this document cover the second of five steps, discovering. This step involves uncovering leads and opportunities ahead of the pack.


If you’re meeting with clients and building good relationships, you quickly get to the intersection of “what they need” and “what you provide.” But it’s not always a clear intersection, sometimes they don’t exactly understand the service you provide and they have an RFP coming out for something sort of related… what do you do? This session focuses on understanding and qualifying leads early, so that you can invest your efforts wisely. We talk about techniques for evaluating leads and clearly framing “what you don’t know.” As leads (client ideas) develop into opportunities (potential RFPs) the level of understanding needs to deepen and precise research is needed. Knowing how much time to invest at this stage is tricky. GO provides tools that are easily customizable for your specific needs, so you fully understand what you’re getting into as early as possible. 


Everyone wants a healthy pipeline of potential work coming in the door leading to solid, long stretches of billable hours. Some companies agonize over these “what ifs” and others jam pack it with everything possible. This session focuses on end results – what type of work you want to do, what the marketplace will bear, and THEN how to populate a reasonable pipeline of opportunities to get you there. Whether you use sophisticated CRM tools or just a basic spreadsheet to stay on top of upcoming opportunities, the right data in the pipeline can make a world of difference. Healthy pipelines make go/no go decisions easier, keep your team focused on the end goal, and sustain a culture of good marketing and business development. The session goes from 101-basics (What is a pipeline? How is it maintained?) to more details, including what information is worth storing, how pipelines help you position to win, and how pipelines can build efficiencies into your overhead spend.


Opportunities are only valid when they get real, when funding lines up, and RFPs hit the street. In today’s uncertain economy, understanding what to look for and what to ask about, when seeking to build credibility into your pipeline is essential. This session explores following the client’s funding mechanisms, where to look, who to talk to, how to interpret what they are saying. Just as important, and often overlooked is the political trail that validates an opportunity. Sometimes, political will can make projects happen even when no funding appears available. This session explores all options for opportunity validation. Working with your staff and your markets/clients, we help develop strategies that turn over every rock, to find the answers you need to pursue the right projects for your firm.


In-bound marketing is a newer area of exploration for a lot of A/E/C companies. Since the evolution of A/E/C firms with the passage of the Brooks Act in the 1970s, the industry has held sacred and dear, the notion that “what we know is secret” and only to be shared when we win. Times they are a changin’, folks. Today, information is everywhere about everything. The power is not in holding secret to your information, but sharing and distilling the vast amounts of data out there in the e-universe. Companies that routinely offer potential clients valuable information that is directly applicable to their needs are getting favorable notice today, and dominating the workplace tomorrow. This session explores ways for companies to build a strategy for content marketing, set a structure and timeline to deliver it, and help identify what’s meaningful to your clients today and tomorrow. When your clients come to you, because they know you’re the expert – opportunities can find you.

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