Functional Training 



GO Strategies offers seller/doer training for every step of the BD process. These trainings are packaged for the way your company works best, tailored for your changing clients, and designed to engage your unique team and inspire your talent.

Working from the basic five step BD process, GO offers multiple programs relative to each step. These programs vary in length and can be customized to fit your teams’ working schedule. Sessions are part lecture, but mostly workshop style events where staff is engaged and active in determining outcomes. The sessions described in this document cover the last of five steps, doing. This step involves marketing and business development after the project is won and before the next pursuit surfaces.


To truly get the most from a debrief, you have to be strategic and you have to do them consistently. This session starts with the basics of debriefing: why do them, who should do them, what to ask, and how to conduct yourself. It then, takes that basic info and marries it with the practices you currently have in place for debriefing and looks for ways to enhance the outcomes. Debriefing takes many forms and getting the scoop from different angles can really be enlightening. In the end, GO works with your team to create a plan for what to do with debriefs and offers ideas on how to improve your system, process, and products with the information gathered. 


This session dovetails with the “Connecting to the Client” training in the step one, marketing series. As projects progress, marketing and business development is often diminished until the next pursuit pops up. This is a missed opportunity. In this session, GO works with your team to develop routine “business” check-ins with clients. These meetings happen at varying intervals and in different formats - some face-to-face, some simply phone calls or detailed emails. The purpose of these meetings serves to demonstrate the importance of the client in terms of your healthy operating business.


“And then our best client ran out of projects…” Now, what? These long-term client care strategies are really simple, but effective. Aside from a meeting now and then, these plans look at different ways to keep yourself in-front of the cleint in a helpful, unobtrusive manner. Working with your team, GO helps determine ways to uncover the bigger picture needs of agencies and client staff to showcase your staff as helpful and ready. 

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